Supernatural Bad Boys Preview

Spoilers ahead!



I’m already ready for next week’s Supernatural, episode 7, “Bad Boys”, where Sam and Dean travel to a home for delinquent boys where Dean was once sent when he was younger. A supernatural murder occurs and the investigation begins. Written by Adam Glass and directed by Kevin Parks.

Before you hit the video – take a moment to hit the People’s Choice award site and vote for Supernatural! The team is up once again for Favorite SciFi TV show. Jared and Jensen are both nominated (oh HOW could PCA do this to us. We can’t chose between them. Not fair!) – for Favorite SciFi Actor and Sam/Dean/Cas are up for Favorite TV Bromance. I think they ought to win them all. Could there be a tie? Or can there be only one? Hop over, vote and then take a look at the upcoming episode Supernatural – “Bad Boys”. Appropriate title for those two, I think. 

Here’s the video preview.

Here’s the full CW press release:×07-bad-boys-press-release/

And a whole bunch of nice pictures from the episodes. It looks like it’s gonna be a great one again.×07-bad-boys-still-pics/

Finally, this is one of my favorite Supernatural sites, where it’s easy to fall in and never come out again. The most awesome Supernatural wiki. Most likely, any question you have about Show will be answered here:


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