A blithering Review of Supernatural: Purge

I’m still mostly incoherent about this episode. I loved it. I hated it. My emotions are so mixed up. Sound familiar?

The warning of what’s to come:

THEN – all about the heartbreak between Sam and Dean. Lying previews and promos. Okay, Purge was very funny, but still!


A large guy gets shrunk down to skin and bones. In a couple of seconds. Must be watching Supernatural. Old school creepy Supernatural. Yes! and Ack!

Dean is drinking for breakfast. Not good. So not good. Watching Rudy, a movie about redemption and Unforgiven. Just the title alone. Right there. (‘Too jacked up for sleeping now’ is a lyric from a Tommy Shaw cd called 7 Deadly Zens. TS of Styx, in case you didn’t know. A Supernatural fav band and mine!)

Dean doesn’t break easy. Man, that is just asking for it.

The donut. I love those kind of donuts. Not supposed to eat them on the healthy diet I’m supposed to be on, but I sure want one now. I will forever associate them with Show and Dean. Heh.

Gypsies, but don’t call ‘the old lady’ that. Also, the silent communication between the brothers and Sam goes off to investigate, where upon he finds something that looks like a hexbag.

Dean gets extra cushioning. ::thud:: Hexbag is actually not a hexbag.

“Love lifts us up where we belong” – WHEN?

Hoovering is disgusting! EXCELLENT VFX Show. Excellent. Poor bride to be.

You’re weird around girls. BURN. Must we be SO honest? Oh just wait, because YES.

The Canyon Valley Wellness Center was beautiful. Too bad it was chock full o monsters.

“You’re not the only one who dated someone bendy” Oh Sam!

Dean in a hairnet. Sam in tight, skin tight fitness garb. ::Thud:: There’s going to be more falling over. Lots of it.

Dean is not germ-phobic:  mopping counter and bowl with the same towel. I do this at home. Yes, I do. I’ve not died yet.

Cupping? What the hell?

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT thing COMING OUT OF HER MOUTH. Sweet mother of all that’s holy. Cue screaming at TV and covering eyes. I figured for sure the Sherif was a gonner. So glad she made it. A female character LIVED through Supernatural!!!

Sam doing YOGA! ::Thud:: See? Told you.

Dean gets roofied.

Sweet Potatoes. New code word for COME SAVE MY ASS!

Sam running to go save Dean. Yelling his name. Worried. I like worried Sam. Also: Sam’s actions vs. Sam’s words. Just sayin.

Salted Caramel is nectar of the Gods. Yes it is. Maybe they are all roofied and that’s why. Looking up pudding recipe. Also: PUDDING!

No snarky fat jokes. Good on ya, Show.

Boys, you need to lock the Impala from now on.

Fish taco. ‘nough said.

Left handed flashlight catch. Smooth Sam. So smooth.

Dead monster with it’s nasty sucker tongue thing chopped off before it can hoover Sam. Like Sam has even one speck of fat on him.

And then…

Heart ripped from body, thrown on the floor, trounced upon – twice. 1)”I wouldn’t, Dean. I wouldn’t.” I get you, Sam. But DAMN!

2)Dean’s face. Dean’s sweet, broken face, broken heart. All the little bits everywhere. I think I died a little. And there was much weeping.

WAIT? WHAT? Not another episode until Feb. 25? Nooooo!

Feel free to cry, rage, moan and groan right along with me, but no hate. {{SPNFAMILY}}


Let it go, brothers. Let it go. All right. Fix it, and then let it go.


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