Supernatural Meta Fiction – a twitter review

I LOVED last week’s Supernatural episode, Meta Fiction. There was so much great going on that I’m still processing the scope of it. I could write a book length review of just this episode, so rather than do that – here’s the raw, pure emotion that went through my head during the show – broadcast on Twitter. You know, because it’s fun!

I live tweet every week during the East Coast time slot and generally have a blast doing so. It’s a unique experience watching a tv show with thousands of people at the same time.

I’m @joleab on twitter – feel free to come follow me. I talk about Supernatural. A lot. Occasionally, I retweet non-show related stuff, but 9 time out of 10, those come from fellow Supernatural fans or from the cast and crew. You should follow them all. (You can get a full list of all confirmed cast and crew twitter accounts from the Supernatural Wiki!) Following fellow SPN fans is also highly recommended. Our fandom rocks!

I usually hit twitter about an hour before the show when my schedule allows and a lot of times, the writers are online talking about the show. This week it was Robbie Thompson, one of my favorite SPN writers.

Meta Fiction was the show to break the #Hellatus and boy did it!

So here we go, promptly at 9 pm eastern time:

(Metatron opened the show talking directly to the camera, and us, breaking that 4th wall yet again, SPN and how about that title card!)



(But I was waiting for this for THREE long weeks)



Robbie Thompson‪@rthompson1138‬ I pitched this shower scene– it was for story reasons, you pervs! Also, you’re welcome #Supernatural

(THANK YOU! Still not long enough! As to the story aspect – Dean’s trying to wash off all the badness coming from the MOC)


(The angel siren thing was making the most annoying noise. That high pitched squealy stuff kills my ears. It was glowing and pretty, and some people thought it looked like Big Bird and/or an ice cream cone!)

  • Lots of dead angels? #Supernatural (A question almost immediately answered)
  • #Supernatural And yes, I screamed at the TV again. (This happens every single week – more than once)
  • Oh Cas. Yes you are too a leader. #Supernatural You’ve caught the Winchester disease.
  • Life on the road…smells. Oh Cas. #CasIsBack #Supernatural

(I loved the phone conversation with Sam, Dean and Cas, especially the look on Cas’ face when he heard Dean’s voice. And Dean softening just a bit. There’s some serious rage going on in that man right now that scares me to death, so anything that makes him lighten up is awesome!)

  • There he is that rat bastard. #Supernatural Gadriel your number is up dude. (Okay, not so much, but I was hoping!)

Robbie Thompson‪@rthompson1138‬ Cas awkwardly handling the phone to send a pic was added by @mishacollins — love it #Supernatural



  • OH my GOD!!#Supernatural !
  • I can’t believe it!!! Serious SPOILER WARNING
  • GABRIEL!!!!SPN_0772
  • 9x18-cgab

(I learned from this that the show’s producers will lie in public to keep us in the dark. I had no idea, even with all the twitter pics of Richard Speight being around – I believed the whole ‘he’s shadowing the director’ line they fed us. But I’m glad I didn’t know. It was AWESOME to be suprised. Flippin awesome!)

(Jim Michaels, the aforementioned  producer suggested we East Coasterers not spoil Gabriel’s appearance. Fat chance there. I did my part – I started warning my friends who weren’t able to watch live or were watching later to get the hell off Twitter and Tumblr. This is probably a good rule to remember from here on out.)

  • Oh man. This is totally awesome. I’m jumping for joy!!!
  • I’m so happy I forgot to hashtag #Supernatural
  • The horn of Gabriel Well, well, well. #Supernatural

(In the preview promo, Metatron was writing about the Horn and even with that clue, I still didn’t suspect)

Robbie Thompson‪@rthompson1138‬ Isn’t (SPOILER) awesome in this scene? #Supernatural

(Why yes, Robbie, he surely was)

(That was another fantastic moment with the boys laying that trap, Sam talking too loudly to lure him in and Dean tossing down the lighter.)

(Guess which part the following is from):

(I don’t know who made this – if it’s yours, let me know, because I love it. So appropriate!)

  • Oh man. Gadriel is a complete SOB. #Supernatural (Telling Sam he was full of shame and weakness. Really, just kill the guy, but no…)
  • Wow. Cas has been updated. Presto. #Supernatural Might not work though.
  • Supernatural-s9-ep18-Metatron-touching-Castiel-on-the-forehead
  • The Winchester Gospels. Holy Chuck! #Supernatural (and Metatron burned one of them! Kill him!)
  • Yeah, Gadriel, you got that backwards man. Boohoo. #Supernatural (telling Dean he was playing the good cop. Ha! Nope.)


  • Hold on. Did he just say Cas was going to burn out??? What? #Supernatural (THIS is going to be a big deal. Who is going to save Cas?)


  • Okay KILL HIM NOW. #Supernatural Gadriel is toast. (spewing at Dean all those horrible [and maybe true] hurtful words. Gah! Still not dead.)
  • Broken out the comfort food. B&J chocolate chip ice cream, or I won’t make it through this episode. #Supernatural
  • Sam sure is getting to drive the Impala a lot lately. #Supernatural (Role reversal? Sam in charge? I think so)
  • I’m an entity of my word. #Supernatural (I don’t believe it for one second, Metatron. Nope, nope, nope)
  • Oh Dean. This is not looking good. #Supernaturanormal_Meta_fiction_584

(Mark of Cain about to take over. Another favorite moment when Sam returns, rushing over to Dean, crumpled on the floor beside Gadriel and asking if he’s okay. Dean answering – you gotta stop asking me that. Big brother/little brother moment!)

Jim Michaels‪@TheJimMichaels‬ How about a big #SPNFamily thanks to @rthompson1138 for his script tonight! (Amen to that)

(Cas’ reaction to the Mark of Cain was soooo great to see. He knows. Baaad stuff coming down. Eep! And then Dean yanking away from him with such violence. Ack!)


Robbie Thompson‪@rthompson1138‬ Alright, East Coast Feed– thanks so much for hanging out with me. Gonna be back on before the West Coast after some food! #Supernatural

  • I still can’t breathe. Man that was amazing. WAY TO GO #Supernatural
  • And next week looks like a roller coast too. #Supernatural Oh my heart!


  • So the #Supernatural fandom is collectively freaking out. {Fandom hugs all around}

And there you have it. There are some gaps because the show distracts me, lol and I forget what I’m doing. See you here next week. Can’t wait for the next episode, but what is up with that title? Alex Annie Alexis Ann – tongue twister!

All photos belong to the CW, unless noted. Screen caps provided by Supernatural Fans Online at


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