Gil McKinney: SPNFamily’s Crush


DSCN0054The SPN Family embraces just about every actor who graces our little show, and Gil McKinney is definitely one of our favorites to hug! Since joining the Salute to Supernatural Convention circuit in May of last year at DCCon, Gil has won the hearts and ears of every fangirl/guy who has attended. Really, if you have gone to a con where Gil was and woke up Saturday morning without a con crush on Gil, I actually worry about you. 😀 DSCN0066DSCN0061

The man is gorgeous and sings like an angel….but its way more than that! He’s just truly adorable in so many ways. From his lil’ boy O gosh, reaction to his first standing ovation, to his delicious embrace during photo ops, Gil has become a must-see fan favorite. DSCN0378

Outside our fandom, it may seem odd to people, that a guy who was in two episodes of a show going on 11…

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