Supernatural Darkness Rising, part 13

Decided I’d keep going with this even though Supernatural season 11 has started (and in such an amazing way!), especially since waiting even a week for a new episode is a little mini-hellatus all unto itself. And I’m having fun with it, so what the heck. This particular part was written prior to the airing of Ep 1, Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire (which I LOVED for about a billion reasons!). So here goes:

Here is part twelve


Bobby is freed from heaven’s jail and escapes the Darkness. John and Mary Winchester make their way to the Road House and are reunited with many friends.






Talking to the Dead

I listened inside myself

The voice that I heard, it wasn’t mine

It came from time to time

I listened real close and I found out

That someone was talking through my mind

Told me what to find…

The Rage

“Sam, wake up.”

He sat bolt upright, hair flying everywhere, gun in hand, but Dean was ready for that and not standing right in front of him. It took barely a second for him to recover from whatever dream he’d been having. This wasn’t the first time he’d woken like this. Dean saw right off by the way Sam wouldn’t look at him that he didn’t want to talk about it, so he turned and headed for the door.

“Come on. We gotta get moving here.”

Not long later he arrived in the kitchen, dressed but still looking pretty far from rested. Dean hadn’t wanted to wake him up, but they had work to do and there was still no word from Cas.

Sam grabbed a cup of coffee and plopped down at the table. Jody was across the room fixing lunch, or sandwiches for whatever meal it was. She smiled over at them. “Rough night?”

Sam grunted and admitted to not sleeping well, but he was uncomfortable talking about it – maybe because Jody was there or maybe because of Dean, but then Sam pulled in a breath.

“I keep having these dreams,” he started out.

“I noticed,” Dean said, drank down some coffee and closed the laptop to give Sam his full attention.

“It’s the same dream over and over, but … I’m not sure it’s me,” Sam said. “I mean, not coming from me, but someone else. I keep being told to find something, Dean, only I have no idea what it is. They keep telling me to remember.”


“Dad,” Sam said and looked at him. “And Mom. Dean, I’ve never dreamed about them together before in my life. Not ever. I mean, every once in a while it’s one or the other, but never both. Not like this. It feels real.”

“Like they’re talking to you from the beyond?” Dean said, incredulous. “How’s that even possible? Last time we were there, Ash said—”

“I know what he said, but I don’t have any other explanation.”

Since Sam believed it, Dean took it a face value. “When you see them, talk to them, where are you?”

“That’s the odd thing – usually it’s some sort of garden and it’s a maze, like an English maze, with these super tall hedgerows, but this time it was weird. It was a motel room, only it was ten different motel rooms, like any number of the ones we stay in.”

“So whatever you’re looking for is in a motel somewhere, USA,” Dean said. “That narrows it down.”

“Yeah. I just … I don’t know what it means or why it’s happening.”

“Well, figuring it out is going to have to wait,” Dean said and started to stand, but Jody came over with two sandwiches and set them down.

“Sit. You’re eating first,” she said in a tone of voice that wouldn’t be denied. She pointed back and forth between the two of them. “Now. Girls! Donna! Come on! Food!”

Dean sat back down when Jody glared at him. It was so outside normal for them to be around women, much less ones that wanted to mother them that he didn’t know how to act exactly. Sam opted to dig in, shrugging as he made room for Donna and the girls, who were laughing and giggling about something. Dean caught himself smiling over it.

“I guess hell can wait,” he said with a shrug, which had the effect of halting conversation.

“Speaking of,” Claire said in the ensuing silence, sitting with her sandwich and a couple of folders. She slid the latter across the table. “I found some stuff that might help you.”

“Really?” Sam reached for one of the folders, opening it to look.

“You know, doing the homework before you two go off and do something stupid,” she said with a smirk at Dean.

He ignored her, except for not being able to hide a smile, and looked at the file she’d put together, a duplicate of the one Sam held. “Wow.”

“This is great,” Sam agreed.

“Yeah the more levels you go down,” Alex chimed in, “the more likely you’ll lose it completely.”

“The spell, all that enochian stuff right there,” Claire pointed, “is supposed to help with that.”

“It’s a hex bag,” Dean said the same time Sam did.

“Wow,” Claire said with a glance to Alex. “They do share a brain.”

“I guess that Becky chick was right,” Alex said.

Sam rolled his eyes to the ceiling and Dean did his best to not laugh. “Do we have the translation for the ingredients?” he asked to get them back on track.

“Uhhhh no,” Claire said.

“I can get it,” Sam said and after a last bite of sandwich, stood to go do that. “Thanks for this.”

“Yeah, good work,” Dean said and also stood. “And Jody…” He leaned and kissed the side of her face. “That was the best sandwich I’ve had in forever. Thank you.”

As he spoke, the lights started flickering. Everyone froze for a second, looking up. From the library, they heard the unmistakable pop of bulbs breaking.

“What the hell,” Dean muttered, drawing his gun and taking off at a run.

“Stay here,” Sam yelled back and followed him.

A high-pitched whine struck their ears as they reached the library steps. Sparks fell from the ceiling. Everything started vibrating. Books slid off shelves. It sounded like a rocket was landing on top of them.

“Cas?” Dean said, glancing back at Sam. These were angel signs and reminded him of the dock in Mexico.

Then Cas was there with no less than ten other angels, all of them tumbling, skidding, careening into the library in a big heap of bodies. Cas wobbled as he eased an angel from his arms to the floor, and Dean and Sam rushed to him.

“Heaven is…” he said and Dean caught him as he fell.


“Heaven is taken.”


Cas sat slumped in a chair by one of the library tables, leaning on his knees as he looked over his brothers and sisters who had yet to regain consciousness. Dean watched him while he helped Sam arrange all the bodies. It was hard to tell if any of them had survived. Jody and Donna with the girls went from angel to angel, trying to tend their wounds. Cas couldn’t help them yet, having used up too much energy getting them all here. Dean didn’t know how he’d managed to bring so many.

“Dean,” Sam set the last angel down as gently as he could. This one was like a bag of legos, with broken everything. “We have to move.”

“I know,” he said. “But we have to wait for Cas to get his mojo back.”

“Can we? I mean, if Heaven is taken, is Hell far behind? And if they get to Lucifer…”

“That’s the whole enchilada, I know. But you’re talking about going into the cage without Cas to get us out. I want to put a stop to this, believe me, but going without the one angel we can count on doesn’t sound like a plan to me. It sounds like a suicide run.”

“What else can we do?”

“We go in smart, is what. Sam, I don’t want us to die doing this. We’re no good to anyone if we don’t make it all the way through. We need Cas. We have to wait. I don’t like it any more than you do, but we have to.”

Sam finally nodded. “You’re right,” he said, and rubbed his temple like he had a sudden headache. “Have you talked to Crowley?”

“No. He’s not answering.” Dean grimaced at that. “Another bad sign.”

“Did you ever think the day would come when we’d be worried about the King of Hell?” Sam asked with a smile he didn’t mean.

“He’ll be all right. He’s a crafty SOB.”

“Son of a witch,” Sam quipped.

“Speaking of – hey Jody, can you run down and check on the Wicked Witch of the West for us?”


“I’ll go with,” Donna said, patting the lifeless hand of the angel she tended. “All these half-dead angels are creeping me out.”

“Hey Cas,” Dean said, moving to sit with him. “How you doing?”

He didn’t look good and all Dean saw was utter defeat. But being Cas he forced a smile. “I’m fine.”

“We’re going to fix this,” Dean said. “We’re going ahead with the plan. We’ve got a couple extra hex bags for protection. We just need you to tell us when we can go. We’ll be ready.”

“I know. But Dean, the possibility exists that it won’t be enough, even with Michael and Lucifer. The Darkness just wiped out Heaven.”

“But not all the angels. You said a lot got away and there were still some on Earth, right? Getting their mojo back?”


“Once we get all the pieces together, we’re going to take the fight to them. We’ll get your home back. After all, I got a stake in it now.” Dean glanced over at Sam, which was when he noticed that Sam was still standing there, wincing in pain. “Sam?”

Dean got to him before he collapsed, remembering well enough the last time this kind of thing happened even though it’d been a really long time ago. Sam was trying not to scream from pain. Dean managed to get him into a chair.

“Talk to me. Sam? What is it?”

He couldn’t talk though, getting out only a few indistinct words that didn’t make sense, but then he gulped in a breath, gasping as whatever had held him let up. When Dean looked to Cas, he was frowning.

“I saw a group of people,” Sam said after a minute, nodding that he was all right. “I didn’t recognize any of them. I couldn’t see them clearly, so I don’t know who—”

His whole body convulsed from pain and he cried out, sliding out of the chair onto his knees before Dean could catch him. Dean grabbed him, trying to stop the tremors that shook through his brother by tightening his grip but it didn’t work. The seizure kept on until Dean thought he might be losing him.

Sam froze then, not breathing, blinking as though he saw something. “Pamela?”

“Pamela?” Dean said. “You mean psychic Pamela?”

“It’s possible that there are survivors trying to get through to us,” Cas said. “Where do you keep the things you usually use to contact the dead?”

Dean shoved Sam over to Cas. “Hold him. I’ll go get it,” he said and got up to go, nearly running over Claire and Alex, who stood there staring.

“What’s happening?” Alex asked.

“The usual,” Dean called back on his way out. He raced to the storage room, grabbed the séance box after he tore the place apart looking for it and ran back. Sam had blood coming out of his nose and looked half dead, but he was back and no longer in the grip of pain.

Dean had the cloth, the candles, and the little bowl of herbs set out in record time, but his hands were shaking while he lit a match. Cas noticed. “He’ll be all right. It isn’t unusual for communing with the deceased to be quite painful for those who aren’t used to being a medium.”

Sam recovered a little and nodded, sitting up and taking Dean’s hand. “I’m all right,” he said, taking Cas’s hand and Dean reached across for the angel to complete the circle. “Here goes nothing. Amate spiritus obscure te quaerimus. Te oramus, nobiscum colloquere apud nos circita.”

At that, Dean took a pinch of frankincense and sprinkled it over the flame of one of the four candles. It spit and flared. More lights flickered and the radio behind Sam came on, squealing with static.

“Pamela?” Sam said, wincing a little. “Is that you? Can you hear me?”

“Yeah Sam, I can hear you. I can’t believe I got through.”

“Me either,” Sam said.

“Listen Sam, there are a few people here who want to talk to you. Is Dean there?”

“I’m here, Pamela. It’s great to hear your voice. And uh, Castiel is here with us.”

“Castiel? Oh. The angel who burned my eyes out. Great.”

“I’m … I didn’t…” Cas said, a little perturbed he kept taking the blame for that. “I’m very sorry about what happened to you.”

“Oh hey, no problem, Castiel. After all, you did warn me. Besides, I’m dead and I can see just fine.”

“Well I’m still sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Apology accepted.”

The reception went out or it seemed like she was talking to someone else for a moment and then another voice, an instantly familiar one came through.

“Hey boys.”

For a moment, Dean couldn’t believe it, that it couldn’t be possible, and it was all some sort of terrible trick, but deep down he knew it was him.


“It’s me, son. Sammy, are you there?”

“I’m … I’m here, Dad.”

“Just so you know it’s really me…” he said. “Crombie.”

They both laughed at that, instantly assured that they were really talking to their father. It was a code word they’d used a very long time ago, when Sam was just a baby learning to talk and couldn’t say Abercrombie, so John shortened it, and never changed it back.

“And finches,” they said, mispronouncing that part too.

“Glad you still remember,” John said. “Listen boys, we’ve got a situation here with this Darkness.”

“Dad, is … Mom there with you?” Dean asked, not sure he could stand to hear the answer.

“I’m right here, Dean,” she said. “I’m fine. Every thing is going to be all right.”


“Hello Sammy. Everyone has been telling me about you. I’m so proud of you, and you too Dean. I’m so proud of you both. And I’m so sorry. I couldn’t stop any of it.”

“No Mom,” Dean said. Sam couldn’t talk. He was having a hard enough time of it himself. “None of it is your fault. And we’re fine. Both of us, and we’re going to figure a way out of this.”

“I know this is hard,” John said. “Pamela here tells me we don’t have a lot of time. This Darkness, it’s taken over most of heaven and—”

“Most of it?” Cas said. “What do you mean?”

“It’s leaving most individual heavens alone,” John said. “It’s taken over all the angel hallways, and it’s destroyed every heaven I’ve ever been in. It caught up with me at the Road House. Bobby’s here too, by the way. Ash, Ellen, Jo, and her daddy, Bill. Kevin and a little spitfire, Charlie. Rufus, Pastor Jim, Caleb, and a couple others who know you. Jimmy and Amelia Novak and—”

“Mom?” Claire said, trying to rush over but Jody and Donna, who’d come back from checking on Rowena, stopped her. “Dad?”

“Claire,” Jimmy said.

“Claire, sweetheart.”

“We’re here, Claire. We love you, baby. We love you so much.”

“Um, so yeah,” John said. “That’s about everyone.”

It hurt to hear. Claire was in tears. Jody, Donna, and Alex were staring, dumbfounded. It was such a long list. Dean cleared his throat. “Uh, hey everybody.”

A chorus of hellos and heys followed and Dean thought he recognized another voice amongst the chatter.

“Is that … Henry?”

Silence greeted the question and Dean understood it. “He’s here,” John said, his voice rough.

“Dad, he came here and saved us. You need to know that,” Sam said, finally finding his voice. “Just talk to him, Dad. Please.”

The radio buzzed and faded, but when it came back they heard him say, “I will. But right now, we need a plan.”

“He isn’t going to like this,” Dean muttered under his breath but then nodded. “We’ve got one.”

While Sam explained, Dean glanced over to Cas. He was listening, but also deep in concentration. When Sam finished, another static-y silence followed, except for Bobby.

“That is a terrible plan.”

“Yeah Bobby, we know,” Dean said. “But Lucifer still has the Mark and it’s somehow able to keep the Darkness from taking over everything. That’s why it wants him.”

“It wants you too, Dean,” John said. “That’s why it came after me, to try and get me to give them information about you, or use me to get to you somehow. It said … or she said – their leader’s name is Amara – she said you have something they need to take from you. Didn’t say why or what, but…”

“We know about that too,” Sam said, cutting Dean off before he could answer. “I’m not going to let that happen.”

“I know you won’t, Sammy,” John said. “That’s good to hear.”

“Are you sure,” Mary said, “that this is the only way?”

“We’ll be protected, Mom,” Dean said. “And yes, we’re pretty sure. It’s crazy, but we can’t let the Darkness, or this Amara chick – I’ve met her – we can’t let her take Lucifer or we lose it all. Once we get him topside, the Mark should lock the Darkness back up, or that’s what we think will happen. And then we’ve got a witch, a very powerful witch, to do a counter-spell that’ll keep it locked up where it belongs.”

“And then?” Bobby asked.

“And then we put Lucifer back in the cage,” Dean said. “Only without leaving Sam behind this time.”

“It’s not perfect,” Sam said. “We know, but it’s the best we’ve got.”

“Hey Dean,” Kevin said. “I’m pretty sure there’s something on the angel tablet about all this and if I can get to it—”

“The angel tablet was destroyed,” Cas said. “The place where we keep the pieces is in the Darkness now. There’s no way you can safely reach it, Kevin. Where you are right now is safe, but it’s possible the Darkness can break the wards that are protecting you. You have to find the Garden. Not the illusion, or what you think the Garden is, but the real thing. Are there any angels with you?”

“Yes,” John said, “but they’re all hurt. It’s like they’re in some sort of coma.”

“They’re regenerating. Hopefully anyway. They’ll know where the Garden is. They’ll take you. Normally, human souls aren’t allowed, but tell them I said so. The Darkness can’t enter there.”

“Why not?” Dean asked.

“It’s the most sacred, hallowed ground in all creation. If it gets into the Garden, we’ll never get it contained again. So go to the Garden and do whatever it takes to protect it. Do you understand?”

“Yeah,” John said. “Yes, I think so.”

“Sounds like we’re pretty well screwed,” Rufus said. “But we’ll get it done.”

There was general encouragement and agreement. “And you know,” Charlie said, “kick it in the ass.”

“We will,” Dean said.

“And Sam,” she said after a brief silence, “…it’s all right.”

He couldn’t answer for a moment, shaking his head. “No. It isn’t.”

“I think I’ve found my kindred spirit here,” she said and they heard Ash mutter something under his breath. “Ash and I are working on a program that will make it so we can talk to you, at least a little easier than this archaic business.”

“Hey. It’s my archaic business,” Pamela said.

“It’s all frequencies, talking across the veil like this. We’ll give you a buzz when we get it figured out. So you know, don’t leave your phone behind.”

Another silence filled the room. They didn’t want to say goodbye, but Sam was getting more and more weary the longer they talked. “You boys be careful,” John said and Mary echoed.

“I love you,” she said, “both of you so much.”

“Love you too, Mom,” they both said together.

“And we’ll see you—” Dean said but the connection broke. The radio went dead and was just a radio again, leaving them both emotionally drained sitting there on the floor. For a moment, no one moved.

“I need a drink,” Donna said and went to the liquor cart, pouring herself a pretty large shot of whiskey, which she then slugged back in one gulp. “I mean, I thought I understood the life, but that was…”

“Amazing,” Jody said, squeezing Claire. She laughed then. “And Bobby. ‘That’s a terrible plan’. He hasn’t changed at all.”

Dean rubbed his face dry, laughing at the spot on impression and nodded because it was amazing. Their parents were together and with all their friends, maybe not completely safe, but he didn’t doubt his father would see to it that everyone was taken care of. He stood, reaching down to help Sam up off the floor and put him in the nearest chair. He did the same thing with Cas since it looked like he needed a hand too, really starting to worry that without him fully powered up they’d be in big trouble.

“You good to go?” he asked, and got himself a drink.

“Almost,” Cas said, but then shook his head. “But we have a problem. Without Crowley we won’t get far. An angel entering hell will attract every single demon in existence. When we got you out and then Sam, we had an army. Without the King of Hell to keep the demons off, we won’t get past the first level.”

“He ain’t answering,” Dean said digging out his phone to check.

“Maybe he can’t,” Sam said.

“All right. Maybe we have to save him too.” Dean rolled his eyes at that and checked with Sam, who surprised him by nodding.

“How?” Cas asked. “Do you know where in hell his is?”

“Nope, but I know someone who might,” Dean said and again, Sam nodded.

He stood and together they went to talk to Crowley’s mother.

Rowena was less inclined to help them now than when they broached the idea of her using the scanned Book of the Damned to cast the spell that would seal up the Darkness. She was especially pissed off at being chained up and so thoroughly locked down.

“We can’t trust you,” Sam said pointedly. “So no, we’re not letting you out until the job is done.”

“And when it is done?” she asked. “You’re just as likely to kill me, so why should I help you.”

“We’re not killing you,” Dean said. “Believe it. Don’t believe it. That’s not part of the deal.”

“The one you made with my son, who loves me so much.”

“The one you abandoned as a kid?” Sam said. “Did you ever even try to make that up to him or were you just scheming behind his back the whole time? You think he didn’t know? He’s the King of Hell. He was testing you and from where we stand, you failed pretty badly.”

“Here’s the thing,” Dean said before she could go off. “We aren’t going to kill you and yes, we’re letting you go after all is said and done, provided you cooperate. Unless we don’t make it back from this. Then, your jailers are going to douse you with a special, extra strong blend of witch killer juice, which will end your existence. So it’s in your own best interest to help us. We win, you win. Now, for the last time, do you know of anything at all that will help us find Crowley in hell?”

It was the pursed lips, looking like she’d swallowed sour milk expression that told them both she’d capitulated, but it very clearly pained her to have anything to do with them. “In my bag – there’s a magical coin. Its twin is planted in the throne room. If he’s anywhere, that’s the place. That’s where you’ll find him, sulking no doubt.”

With a silent nod, Sam left to go find the coin in her bag that they’d locked up a couple doors down while Dean stayed behind. “You don’t get it do you,” he said, pacing a little bit. “How big you’ve blown it. You had the chance to get in permanently with the King of Hell, but no, you seem to think he’s gone soft.”

“I know he has,” Rowena said. “Anyone who would go running to you the second you call is no King.”

Dean smiled at that. “Like I said. You don’t get it. No, he’s just as cunning and deadly as ever. He’s playing the long con – ages long. He’s always got plans. It’s one long, eternal game of poker to him. Or chess. And he’s moving the pieces across the board very carefully. I can guarantee you if it looks like we won’t succeed, he’ll be there ready to make a deal with the Darkness and its leader Amara, faster than you can blink.”

“And yet you trust him.”

“Not at all.”

“You’re going into hell with his help.”

“In this case, he wants us to win, but I’m not counting on him not trying to trap us there and make that deal instead. But he knows that I don’t trust him, so he’s going to play his waiting game, to see who comes out ahead in this thing.”

She took all that in, eyes narrowed. Dean heard Sam coming back. “Amara’s not the leader, you know,” Rowena said and kept him from turning. “She’s powerful, yes, but not complete. While you exist, her counterpart can’t come through. It’s why they want you – to destroy the last bit of you. She didn’t realize your importance when she had you, but I told her. It’s all in the Book.”

“Why wouldn’t she know?”

“Because she wasn’t the author,” Rowena said, smiling smugly like she knew something more than she was saying. She saw Sam and her smile widened.

“We know there’s something else.”

“Not something, but someone,” she said. “He is eternal. He’s been bound all this time, since the dawn of creation, by a God he despises, forced to do the bidding of others. Now that he’s here, or well, mostly here, he’ll stop at nothing to be free of the chains that held him for so long and you two? You’re at the top of his kill list. No matter what you do, you won’t escape his judgment. Not without a lot more help than you have.”

“Help you can give?” Sam asked. He wasn’t at all impressed with the implied threat.

“I know things.”

Sam held the coin up. “Is this it?”


“You want to live? Start talking.”

“I’m not afraid of you,” Rowena said. “You think you’re safe here? The Darkness will break the wards. It will get in here. And it’ll tear your little friends to pieces.”

Sam turned his back to her, and Dean followed him. He wasn’t sure the threats were empty or not, but they weren’t going to listen to them. Just like her son, it was difficult to tell if the help she’d given them with the coin was real or some sort of trap she’d set. It was for sure the only help she planned to give them.

They left her to spew, her shrill voice echoing through both locks and down the hall after them, screaming and laughing that they were both going to die.

Sam stopped before they reached the library, looking briefly to Dean before his gaze went to the floor. There was always that moment before they undertook a highly dangerous mission where doubt was their master. They were about to go to hell, a place both of them had been but only Dean really remembered. He was trying pretty hard not to think about what they might encounter, protective hex bags or no.

“This is, um…”

“Yeah,” Dean said. “I know. It’s nuts. Probably going down as one of the craziest things we’ve ever done. You got a different idea? Anything?”

“No. You?”

“I wish,” Dean said and really wished he did. He’d give anything to not have Sam do what they were about to do. “You good?”

The usual answer was supposed to be yeah, sure, but he shook his head this time. “I don’t know if I can do this. I’m scared, Dean. More than I’ve ever been.”

“Yeah, me too, Sammy. But what other choice do we have? When have we ever had a damn choice?”


“Right. So sweet potato,” he said and clapped him on the back.

Sam blinked in confusion. “What?”

“Code for I got your back,” Dean said and smiled. “Come on. The longer we stand here the more I want to say screw the world, let the Darkness take it. Let’s get our angel and get out of here.”


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