Supernatural, S12 The Road So Far: The British Men of Letters

I’m doing a season so far recap of all these different elements we’ve got going on in Season 12 of Supernatural.


The British Men of Letters 1, 2, 4, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18

Well aren’t they just a lovely bunch of coconuts?

I’ve gone from detesting them with all my heart, to curious and then to detesting them again. Lordy!

We start the introduction off a bit rough with one Lady Toni Bevell, who first appears in S11 11.23 on her way to the US to clean up the American hunter problem. She blasts Cas to kingdom come and shoots Sam.

The odd thing about this is Mick Davies shows up at the end of Ep 2, Momma Mia, and we find out there are seemingly conflicting orders. Instead of approaching Sam and Dean with anything resembling normal, she opts for violence. Right away. Her little wall of info on the boys maybe predisposed her toward not giving them a chance, OR she was told by a different group of ‘old men’ to act exactly how she did – which was pretty reprehensible.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.08.43 PM

She takes Sam, who still thinks Dean is dead, and after fixing up the new bullet hole in his leg, chains him to a chair. When Sam isn’t inclined to cooperate with her questions, he gets doused with a long cold shower. He still doesn’t cave, and gets a blowtorch to his foot. Nope. That doesn’t work either. Because it’s Sam Fucking Winchester, who’s been tortured by the devil himself.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.09.32 PM

Nothing breaks him, not even after the extremely repugnant mind hallucination spell she casts on him where he mentally ends up in her bed. He breaks free of the spell and Lady Toni is left without the information she wants – names, places, drop points, the hierarchy of American hunters and how they operate.

Dean arrives, Mary arrives, Cas and then Mick Davies show up and he apologizes for crazy woman’s behavior. She gets sent back to England and Mick has called the mysterious Mr. Ketch to come deal with these unruly hunters. If need be.

Mr. Arthur Ketch is a real piece of work. He follows the boys to keep an eye on what they are doing and it turns out, to ‘clean up’ after them. This, we learn, is part of the code the BMOL works by. They don’t see things in shades of gray at all. In 12.04 American Nightmare, after the boys let psychic Magda go, Ketch then kills her off. As far as we know, the boys still don’t know she’s dead.

Mr. Ketch conveniently comes to the rescue in 12.08, Lotus (again, Show, you slay me with the title. Timing is everything here), when the boys and Cas run into Fed trouble. Sam momentarily lost his damn mind and called Mick, but he hung up, but the Brits figured there was trouble. It’s patently unfair that Ketch got to use a grenade launcher before Dean.


From Ketch, they get their hands on a golden egg that might blast Lucifer out of Potus’ body and it does. Me thinks Sam and Dean are going to be super pissed at Crowley in the not too distant future.

Next we see the Brits it’s in 12.09 First Blood. Mick Davies is trying to recruit US hunters to his cause where we all live in a world where there are no monsters. Team US ain’t buyin it. Our hunters are surly and don’t play well with others.

When Mary and Cas discover that Sam and Dean have been taken, but have subsequently gotten away, it’s Cas’ idea to call up the BMOL for assistance. This opens the door to a meeting with Mary, which changes everything. The Brits help out and again, Ketch goes behind the boys and kills more innocents; the entire special forces team that had been holding Sam and Dean, who they had taken great pains not to kill during their escape. Boys don’t know about that either. And unbeknownst to Sam and Dean, Mary signs on to work with the Brits. (skip to the end of my post here on Mary’s possible reasons for this).

So the BMOL now has the one and only top class American hunter on their side. It doesn’t turn out well.

Stuck in the Middle (With You) was one of the best episodes so far this season. It’s not until the very end that we find out Mary set her boys up (in a big way) in order to retrieve the missing Colt, that she then hands over to Ketch. Arg!


Since then, the Colt has been in and out of sight, and lastly, back where it belongs – with Dean. Ketch is very unhappy about this and it makes me wonder WHY the Brits are so intent on having it. But I digress.

Ketch starts training up Mary on the sly. I noticed in these moments between them that he’s keeping his psychopath side well hidden. He keeps trying to get her to give up her family though, which Mary keeps saying she will never do. Family Feud reveals Mary’s deception, followed by 12.14, the Raid. This is where we get an inside view of BMOL HQ, where they operate from and send hunters out to kill the monsters. Turns out, much to Sam’s surprise, that they’ve wiped out a large section of vampires, clearing out all but a few from the entire Midwest.

Sounds all well and good, but turns out their methods of wholesale slaughter have aroused the ire of the Alpha, who brings the fight to them. The BMOL are woefully unprepared for the attack. They end up cut off from their fancy-schmancy weapons of mass murder and it’s only the presence of Sam BAMF Winchester that saves them – at least it saves Mick, who is the only one of the Brits who make it out alive.

The Raid

Alpha Vamp 0 – Sam Winchester ALL the wins.


Meanwhile, Dean is having a hunt with Ketch, who’s trying to get him on board – or sizing him up to learn how he’ll later take him down. I’m not sure which just yet, because I still don’t believe there’s a single line of authority with the Brits. We don’t know – still – who is calling the shots with them. On the other hand, Dean Winchester is nobody’s fool and he’s got instincts that are almost never wrong.

The Raid

Dean sees first hand what a cold, cruel bastard Ketch is toward monsters. He’s needlessly cruel to the lone and weak vampire left in the nest (while the vamps are after the HQ with the Alpha). Dean sees this level of sociopathic behavior, doesn’t like it and stops the cruelty. He still kills the vamp, but he doesn’t allow her to be beaten by Ketch – who reminds me of Gordon.

The Raid provides the Brits, through Mick Davies, the opportunity to see the Winchesters in action, and serves to shake him up quite a bit.


Mick decides to tag along with the Winchesters in 12.16 Ladies Drink Free, and learns another hard lesson. It’s not all black and white. Some people who end up monsters got that way through no fault of their own. Sam and Dean find out Mick kills a newly bitten werewolf and they are not happy about it. After his help curing Claire Novak after she is also bitten, they give him a second chance.

This ep is also where we find out more repercussions from the methods the Brits use – that kill them all mentality they have going on. It flushes out an otherwise peaceful werewolf after his entire pack is destroyed and turns him into a killer.

The British Invasion follows and a bit of the chain of command with the Brits is revealed in one Dr. Hess. We also get a grotesque insight into what holds Mick to the BMOL that puts him squarely in the middle of how the Winchester hunt things vs the BMOL. There’s a stringent, strict code they rule by and accept no deviations. When Mick argues against that code, choosing free will instead, Ketch puts a bullet in his head. From behind.

The BMOL may have started out as a monsters only killing machine, but somewhere along the way, their code of conduct was perverted to kill anything that stands in the way. That includes innocent people. I wonder how long they’ve been this way.

At the end of that ep, the gauntlet is thrown. Assimilate or eliminate moves into the latter category. Dean Winchester’s file is on the top of the list.

But there’s a catch! (Heh. See what I did there.) Ketch is smitten with Mary. They’ve hopped in the sack, and the first crack in the carefully guarded exterior appears when she tells him it was just a romp and doesn’t mean anything.

However, his fondness for Mary, now that’s he’s been rejected could turn sour. Last ep before the little mini-hellatus is 12.18 The Memory Remains where Ketch invades the Bunker and snoops.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.54.20 PM

He tells his cohorts to leave no trace and to not take anything (and also find the Colt, which Dean has with him) but then Ketch breaks his own rule when he takes Dean’s picture of he and Mary that he’s carried with him since she died (the first time).

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.56.06 PM.png

The question everyone asked (almost at the same time) is when will Dean notice that THIS picture is missing. Or will they notice the bug Ketch left planted under the table first. Or maybe it’ll be both, or a sequence of missing picture, search the bunker for other weirdness, find the bug. I sure hope they find out soon. The Brits are now in the surveillance part of their mission to exterminate the American hunters, the intelligence gathering part, which they’ll use to find a chink in the armor.

We don’t know if Ketch will try to kill them first. Or maybe it’ll be Mary he goes after, or any number of other hunters who are now in the BMOL crosshairs. We don’t really know very much about them, or if there’s someone else in the food chain higher than Ms. Snooty-pants who can call them all off or urge them on. We don’t know why they want the Colt so damn badly but considering what else is going on with things that gun can kill it’s certainly suspect. (Hint: They all have yellow eyes.)

Usually by this time there’s at least a good guess where we’re heading. The only thing I’m certain of with this season is the giant CLUSTER awaiting our boys. It’s exciting not knowing but also super scary! With only 5 episodes left, I’m totally not ready.




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